The Best of APDA

  • Note: Eventually, this page will provide a complete listing of and links to all the Best of APDA rounds. Until then, this page is simply copied from,_Nantwich,_Cheshire.html

    Buy Cheap Phentermine Uk Thank you to everyone who participated, but especially to those dedicated individuals who voted after watching hours of recordings. The list of the best recordings we have will likely become part of many teams' training programs. This isn't a tradition that should only happen every 5 years, and I hope watching and sharing these rounds will prove that to everyone.

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    Next Day Phentermine Delivery I'll begin by making a few comments about the process:

    • Few nominations were censored. Less than 3 nominations were rejected, two for being not related to the category of nomination, and one for a poor sense of humor (you know who you are).
    • Of the 28 people who registered to vote, a total of 21 individuals voted. However, not all individuals voted in all categories. To the extent that a category has less than 21 votes, it indicates either a subjective lack of interest in the category/rounds or a feeling that the rounds did not represent the best of APDA.
    • Rounds that received equal number of votes are listed in an arbitrary order.
    • % of votes refers to the percentage of individuals who voted for a round out of the number who voted within that category. It is therefore a more accurate relative ranking of rounds than raw number of votes. Secondly, I have a piece of advice. Give little credence to nominations that receive no votes. There were a lot of competent people who voted, and if none of them voted for the round, they probably had good reasons. This doesn't mean that nominated rounds aren't worth watching, far from it. However, the relatively low threshold of nomination in the system compared to the difficulty getting votes in some categories should indicate the comparative quality of various rounds.

    Phentermine Sold Online Without further ado, here areĀ The Best of APDA Results.

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