Amherst 2014 Finals: Brandeis Navajo Blanket v. Yale CZ

  • Case: For the purposes of nominating a president, party primaries are preferable to party caucuses.

    Gov: Brandeis Navajo Blanket
    PM: Keith Barry
    MG: Russell Leibowitz

    Opp: Yale CZ
    LO: Nick Cugini
    MO: Henry Zhang


    Brandeis Navajo Blanket won.

    Thanks to Amelia Berg for the recording.




    1. 1. This case is not undefeated (as LO suggests)
      2. This case is terrible

    2. Anonymous says:

      1. True
      2. Only for the people not clever enough to beat it

    3. Anonymous says:

      Oh what I’d give to see Princeton dismantle this case.


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