APDA Summer 2011 Round 4: Columbia Diddy and J-Mo v. Red Dawn A

  • Case: You have discovered irrefutable and uncontroversial proof that God does not exist, that is so compelling that anyone who hears such a proof will have to believe it. You have the ability to spread it globally and instantaneously. Opp choice: Do you spread the proof, abolishing belief in religion? Opp chose not to publish the proof.

    Government: Columbia Diddy and J-Mo
    PM: David Yin
    MG: Josh Morrison

    Opposition: Red Dawn A
    LO: Storey Clayton
    MO: David Reiss

    Red Dawn A won.

    Thanks to David Yin for the recording.



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    1. Trudy says:

      1. What is your favorite Temple and whgnaWshi?yton, D.C. for sentimental reasons. That’s where my family was sealed2. How many different Temples have you been inside of? Five3. How many Temple dedications have you attended? None yet4. How many Temples have you seen live? Six


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