Tufts II 2017 Quarterfinals: Brown Finally Going To Williams v. Yale HT

  • Case: Muller v. Oregon was a 1908 U.S Supreme Court decision that found Oregon's limit on the working hours of women constitutional under the rationale that it was permissible to violate the right to contract and equal protection under the law due to the compelling state interest in protecting women’s health in order to promote the strength of families and their children. Time-spaced to 1908, we believe the results of this holding are more likely to be anti-feminist than feminist.

    Gov: Brown Finally Going To Williams
    PM: Ricky Cambo
    MG: Sandy Greenberg

    Opp: Yale HT
    LO: Marina Tan
    MO: Kyle Hietala


    Brown Finally Going To Williams won on a 2 - 1 decision.

    Thanks to Elaine He for the recording.