Princeton 2016 Finals: Untitled, Unseeded v. F&M/Swarthmore That One

  • Case: THW restrict free speech in order to advance the interests of historically marginalized groups.

    Gov: Untitled, Unseeded
    PM: Alex Mechanick
    MG: Nathaniel Donahue

    Opp: F&M/Swarthmore That One
    LO: Matthew Rohn
    MO: Miriam Pierson

    Untitled, Unseeded won.

    Thanks to Ricky Cambo for the recording.




    1. Anonymous says:

      This round is truly awful. This showcases all four debaters speaking terribly.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Well, I have enormous respect for both teams and the people on them. But the recording here is absolute garbage.

      • Anonymous 2 says:

        Funny. I respect 3 of the 4 people. One of the guys is just an idiot.

        • Dino '16 says:


        • Anonymous says:

          FWIW most people are very selective about which videos they let be uploaded, which really does a disservice for people using this website to learn. The fact is everyone has a bad round. Or maybe lots of bad rounds. Even great debaters. I personally have seen every single SOTY from the past five years be very bad at least once. Because debating is a numbers game and no one is perfect. But of course most of them would never let those videos go online. As is their prerogative. So props to the people who upload a lot. It gives an honest perspective.

        • Anonymous says:

          Also most APDA final rounds are bad because people are tired. The APDA Octos-break Saturday is ridiculous. Even at Worlds you only debate three times a day. For good reason.


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