Nationals 2016 Round 6: Brown CC v. Penn A

  • Case: Would it be preferable to the status quo, if all defendants in criminal cases were required to use public defenders in all proceedings and matters concerning that case. Defenders can be switched when there is a demonstrable conflict of interest, like in the status quo. It will be illegal to use legal consultants in addition to defenders in any part of the legal process. There will be significant penalties to ensure this does not happen. Opp said no.

    Gov: Brown CC
    PM: Ricky Cambo
    MG: Nick Cathcart

    Opp: Penn A
    LO: Kyle Grigel
    MO: Alex Johnson

    Penn A won.

    Thanks to Ricky Cambo for the recording.




    1. Anonymous says:

      Turns out more than one person could give an LOC

    2. Anonymous 2 says:

      This LOC is a 26 if generous…

    3. Anonymous 2 says:

      ^ was sarcasm if you didn’t get it


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