Nationals 2008 Semifinals: Chicago A v. Princeton A

  • Case: Don’t exclude immigrants on the basis of homophobia.

    Government: Chicago A
    PM: Bridget Fahey
    MG: Steph Bell

    Opposition: Princeton A
    LO: Dave Kwasniewski
    MO: Jason Sheltzer

    Princeton A won on a 4-3 decision.



    1. it may not be the right thing to say but… there are always people with bodies worse than mine. not only that, but some of them strut around the beach in bikinis while i wear a very modest swimsuit. i can’t decide if i am disgusted by them or jealous of their confidence and absolute disregard for anybody who might be looking at them and judging them.

    2. as soon as I saw the title I knew what I already thought I knew…you are a genius. i jumped off the oprah train a long time ago. have you updated your vision board lately?;D

    3. I just realized I wrote the phrase, “If there was a Nerd Olympics,” at the same time ComicCon was happening. My apologies to all those in San Diego. I didn't mean to question your Olympic spirit.


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